Is Homeschooling Right For Me?

Long ago before there were school houses, children were educated in their homes. They were not sent to schools for an education. Then there came school houses, made for those who could not educate their children at home for various reasons. Overtime, it became a tradition to send children to schools to get an education. It even evolved from a one room school that housed multiple levels and ages of children to a single level or age per a classroom.

Why homeschool? Is it right for me? Can I do it? Am I organized? What about socialization? Will my family and/or friends approve? Are they really learning? Am I equipped to teach the child? How will they get into college? How will I do it? The questions are endless but what you need to ask yourself is, am I, my child, and my family willing to make the homeschool investment?

Some of the things to take into account if you are going to homeschool your child….

  • Am I confident enough to teach my child?
  • Is homeschooling right for my child?
  • Will my child be happy? Will I be happy?
  • Will I have time to teach my child?
  • Do I have a support system at home? Outside the home support system?
  • How can I find the right curriculum?
  • What are my state’s regulations regarding homeschooling?
  • How long am I planning to homeschool my child?
  • What about college?
  • What’s the cost to homeschooling?